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Our Work

CapCO2 Solutions and ethanol facilities are a natural partnership. 

Detailed GREET Analysis

CapCO2 Solutions will bring a Carbon Intensity (CI) reduction of 25 points at ethanol facilities. This is the conclusion of a third-party detailed GREET analysis conducted by Incite.Ag.

CapCO2 uses innovative technology that captures existing CO2 at ethanol facilities and upgrades it onsite to green methanol. This profitable net zero fuel is transported by rail or over the road by trucks to the customer. Green methanol’s demand is increasing; it is used as an ingredient in many consumer products and the shipping industry is pivoting to use this to fuel their ships.

Preston Brown of Incite.Ag shares, “CapCO2's technology provides a tremendous opportunity for ethanol plants to reduce their CI. We are thrilled to support this effort and watch its impact ripple through our industry as methodologies and technologies mature."


We are collaborating with agricultural communities to provide a solution to lower CI scores while generating additional revenues at ethanol facilities and creating jobs. In addition, selling green methanol would raise the price ethanol plants can pay local farmers for their corn.

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Adkins Energy

Lena, Illinois

Adkins Energy is leading the industry as the site of CapCO2's first installation. 

Adkins Energy CEO Bill Howell states, “Adkins Energy is looking to lead the industry to its next major product in green methanol. This opportunity will reduce the plant’s CI score while making a product for the e-fuel market and supporting the farmers who grow the grain in our surrounding communities.”

Ethanol Facilities

Ethanol plants are well-suited for CapCO2's innovative technology to produce green methanol.

CapCO2 Solutions brings 25-point CI reduction to the ethanol industry.

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Green methanol is produced at the ethanol facilities on-site in CapCO2's methanol modules.

Green Methanol

Methanol is used in thousands of everyday products.

The green methanol is a valuable net-zero fuel. The shipping industry is pivoting to use this to fuel their ships.

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