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CapCO₂ Solutions is partnering with ethanol plants to build the largest green methanol network in the world

Distributed across the ethanol heartland.
Built alongside successful ethanol plants.

Creating a future without fossil fuels.

Green methanol can deliver $60 billion in annual revenues to the region and an annual reduction of 50 million tonnes of CO₂. It will reduce the carbon intensity scores of ethanol plants by 25 points.* It is a critical step toward SAF. Finally, it will deliver new relationships and revenues for industry, farmers, and local governments. Why bury valuable CO₂ when ethanol plants can create new revenues?
                *Based on detailed GREET analysis by Incite.Ag


Lower Carbon Intensity score by 25 points & no pipeline needed

Our first customer, Adkins Energy in Lena, IL, has
a relentless focus on decarbonization.

They have selected CapCO₂ as their partner.

Ethanol and the fermentation processes that create it will play a critical decarbonization role. Beyond green methanol, the processes Adkins and CapCO₂ are pioneering lead to opportunities in wind, solar, and hydrogen energy storage and transportation,
and even sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
While those opportunities mature, we empower the ethanol industry to immediately leverage their CO₂ with profitable returns, while positioning them for the future. Cut carbon intensity scores by 25 points
and $50 Million of new revenue.

Growing worldwide market for green methanol

CapCO₂ upgrades CO₂ to green methanol, a highly profitable net zero fuel and chemical building block.
Green methanol qualifies for government incentives and reduces ethanol’s carbon intensity. Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, seeks to purchase 6 million metric tonnes of green methanol in the year 2030 just for their own needs. For companies seeking to decarbonize their products, green methanol is also a key ingredient, used in products like insulation, rigid plastics, and cosmetics.


Current green methanol production
(<0.2 million tonnes/yr)



6 million tonnes/yr green methanol needed JUST for Maersk ships already purchased for 2030

Breakthrough Technology

CapCO₂ has superior patented
methanol production technology.

Our technology can be deployed for 40% less capital and 60% less energy than traditional methanol technology. Beyond the advanced chemistry and engineering, we package each methanol module in a small module with 1/20th the space of traditional methanol production. Each ethanol plant emits an average of 260,000 tons of CO₂ into the atmosphere. That plant could be producing 160,000 tonnes
(32 million gallons) per year of net-zero
green methanol expanding annual plant revenues by more than $50 million. Beyond the immediate revenue, our customers secure their
leadership position in the next generation biofuels and biomaterials economy, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

CapCO2 Overview - Diagram- 2024-04-06.png
Adkins - cloudy.jpg

CapCO₂ Solutions works with ethanol plants to build the future

We are building our first methanol module 
pilot at Adkins Energy. We use a “capture as service” model, leveraging strong cooperation
with owners and farmers’ cooperatives
central to the biofuels industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our
technology, Letters of Intent, and next steps at

Find CapCO Solutions on LinkedIn and Instagram,
and featured in articles in the Iowa Capital Dispatch,
Carbon Herald, Et
hanol Producers Magazine,
The Gazette (Cedar Rapids), and more.


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the CapCO₂ Solutions team

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