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Decarbonizing industry with Biogenic CO2 

CO2 comes from various sources

  • Dirty CO2 comes from burning fossil fuels, adding to GHG emissions 

  • Biogenic CO2 has been recently captured from the atmosphere by plants and other biomass, it's carbon neutral

CapCO2 Solutions accelerates the biogenic CO2 economy with 3 complementary innovations

Carbon Capture as a service

We partner with anaerobic digester operators and other sources of biogenic CO2

If you are an Ethanol site, biomethane upgrader or an AD site owner, you can benefit from a free-assessment of the potential of your biogenic CO2 by clicking here

 Biogenic CO2 Digital marketplace

We engage with CO2 users to offer unique insights into biogenic CO2 availability in their area of interest

If you currently rely on fossil-CO2 contact us to access high quality, cost effective and carbon neutral options

Consortium builder

We work with our partners to establish disruptive low carbon value chains beyond biogenic CO2

If you want low carbon alternatives to current chemicals, materials and fuels then join our network


Industrial Net Zero
Starts Here

CapCO2 offers a free CO2 assessment to all AD and industrial sites.


Give us your data and we will give you a pathway to create green pathways for your carbon emissions and molecule manufacturing

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The Team

Jeff Bonar, Ph.D


Jeff has extensive experience building and coordinating complex stakeholder teams. Jeff is an expert at listening to what is needed from customers and delivering complex, practical, flexible, and usable solutions to meet those needs.


He is uniquely suited to bring together people interested in better and more profitable businesses while also addressing the decarbonization requirements of the climate emergency. He brings the necessary stakeholders to the party, building consensus and solutions.

Jeff holds a PhD in Computer Science and AI from the University of Massachusetts, USA.


Nicolas Nouvel, Ph.D


Nicolas is passionate about building the sustainable world future generations deserve.


He is a highly skilled chemist with genuine curiosity for science and technology, analysing opportunity with the eyes of an experience commercial leader and sales specialist. His professional background includes 10+ years in global business development roles and board of adviser roles across the  chemical and materials industries.


His vision is that biogenic CO2 will become a central part of of the global net-zero chemical industry, delivering fossil-free pathways to essential molecules and materials.


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