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To Decarbonize Your Site, Start Here

CapCO2 is accelerating the deployment of CCUS solutions globally. We are partnering with leaders in the CCUS value chain to ease the delivery of the right project, at the right time, and at the right cost.

The following assessment tool gives you a quick overview of your project and how we can facilitate your efforts.

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The Team


Nicolas Nouvel, Ph.D


Nicolas has 10 years International Business & Sales Experience, a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University and one sharp focus:  making chemistry, energy and materials industries fully sustainable.


A few years ago he left his successful corporate career to align with his values: fighting climate change.


He works internationally, and has advised numerous Clean Tech start-ups on business strategy, B2B partnerships, complex negotiations, sales pipeline management, and fund raising.


During that time he explored the Carbon Capture and Utilization sector, realizing the urgent need to fast track  this critical Net Zero industry.


He co-founded CapCO2 Solutions in December 2021 after meeting Jeff during Carbon 13, the climate venture accelerator program based in Cambridge.

Jeff Bonar, Ph.D


Jeff has 20+ years delivering complex enterprise software systems leveraging “no-code”, B2B2C, mobile workforce management, distributed sensors, and artificial intelligence solutions. At IBM, Jeff led the team that delivered the first version of WebSphere.


Jeff is an expert at listening to what is needed from customers and delivering complex, practical, flexible, and usable software to meet those needs.


He creates empowering working environments to ensure customer facing and technical teams work together effectively.

Bringing his experience to ending the climate crisis has been a huge opportunity. In meeting Nicolas at the Carbon 13 climate venture accelerator, the opportunity to bring modern software to CCUS became clear.

Jeff holds a PhD in Computer Science and AI from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

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